Web design – should you do it yourself?


We’ve all seen the new fad in web design. They promise effective, functional and aesthetically pleasing websites for cheap or even free, plus a hosting fee. Not mentioning any names, but you know who they are, you’ve seen their commercials, and chances are, you’ve seen some of their work. You may have even looked into or own one of these sites right now. Theoretically, you can build a website cheaply and easily.  Theoretically.

Theoretically, I can operate heavy machinery. Theoretically.

Websites that allow a non-experienced user to drag and drop text and images and publish to the web are kind of like a car dealer that sells you a car without giving you the keys. You’ll have something nice to look at, but not much in terms of functionality. You will also have a site that’s mundane and boilerplate in terms of what it can do. Your website is your virtual storefront to the world, so shouldn’t you put your best foot forward, inviting your customers to experience a customized website that in genuinely intrinsic to your business?

That’s what JSX Design does. We walk through the planning, building, launch and the maintenance of your site. This means that you get a site that can set you apart from your competition. Our experts know what makes a good site work, with welcome functionality, smart and engaging content and a aesthetically pleasing layout. We help your customers find the information and products faster and easier, and this welcome ease of use will be remembered as a favorable experience for your customers, increasing your conversions – meaning more revenue in your pocket.

One thing the other do-it-yourself sites WON’T do is help your site’s exposure to Google and Bing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) sites are usually sold at a premium or an add-on service, and you’re left to handle SEO by yourself with little to no guidance. At best, you’re treated to a keyword finder, which gives you access to set keywords for your page, but that alone doesn’t do much to increase your google rankings. Through thoughtful content in conjunction with effective keywords and page descriptions, and a slew of other SEO best practices, you can be sure to reach the front page of google’s search results.

In summary, you can make a website by yourself, but if you’re serious about your business, give us a call.


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