Need a website redesign? Yes you do. Here’s why.


Innovate – Don’t Stagnate. Why you need a website redesign

Your website is like a houseplant. Whereas you don’t need to water it in a traditional sense, it does need care and maintenance. Without sunshine and water, your ficus tree will wither up and die. Well, so will your website. Maybe you have a website that you built a number of years ago, and it did fine at first, but you’re not getting the results you once were. Or, maybe your product line has grown, and you’re now doing much more business than when your site was made. These and many more are reasons why you should seriously consider a website redesign.

So, what can a new site do for you? We’ll share a few reasons why partnering with JSX Design to redesign your website can benefit your business in the following ways:

  • Reach more customers
  • Convert more visitors to sales
  • Give customers a better experience at your site
  • Refocus and reiterate your company’s mission
  • To innovate and add new technology

Change with the times

Who remembers Flash? It was a great idea a few years ago, and everyone who was anyone wanted a big, flashy website that incorporated tons and tons of bright, animated flash-based graphics. Fast forward to the present, and a flash-based site can hardly be called a best practice anymore. Why? Because technology and the overall expectations of the web-using populace have changed, making Flash outdated. This is just one example of how the internet has evolved and left old technology behind. Websites are forced to adapt or fade away. Trust in JSX Design to use the most current best practices and web design techniques to future proof your website for as long as possible. Through mobile integration, current SEO practices and social media marketing, we make sure you put your best foot forward.

Give your audience what they want

The average web user will decide if your website is worth their time within three short seconds. There are literally hundreds of millions of web pages out there, so a user has to weed out the wheat from the chaff quickly. Everyone is looking to save time nowadays, and it’s a website’s job to put the object of a user’s attention in from of the in as few clicks as possible. If your website is constructed in a way that doesn’t let a user navigate to the pages you want them to see in a few clicks at most, you need a consult from JSX Design. No one wants to spend minutes clicking on a seemingly endless path of web pages leading to the product or service they are looking for. Through creative design and intuitive formatting, we can make your site a breeze to navigate. Your users will appreciate practices such as featuring direct links to your most popular products or most frequently-visited services so they can accomplish what they want in less time. It’s true, the more time a customer spends on your site, the more likely they are to use your products or services, but you want that time to be constructive, and be a positive experience.  We are also able to add e-commerce, as simple as adding a shopping cart on your site to allow shopping ease for your customers. Or, an online scheduling system for users requesting appointments or meetings with you.

To get mobile

In a previous blog, we wrote about the virtues of being mobile-friendly. Almost 30 percent of all internet users viewing your site do so, on a mobile device – you want to make sure your look and feel of your site is conducive to the smaller screen size and functionality of a phone or tablet. By optimizing the design of your site and making your most popular pages are easy to find, and clearly labeled and linked to.


Make it easy for users to tweet/post/pin, etc

Social media has opened a whole new door for getting your products, services and brand in front of the eyes of the internet. Make it easy for users to share your brand by incorporating social media into your site. From a live twitter feed to a pin it button (a button that allows users to easily pin your page to their pinterest pin board), there are many ways to facilitate social media and encourage users to share your pages. We can creatively use this functionality to make sure your site can easily be tweeted, posted and pinned. The second part to this is to develop content that people want to share. This is another service that we provide – again, the most viral content contains a message, that people find useful and that users want to share with others. For example, you may feature a product and it tells someone who’s using it, why yours is better than the competition. But the real trick is writing the description of that product to encourage that user to want to recommend that product to others they know that could also use that product – that’s how you make your product go viral. Then, one tells two, two tells four…and BOOM, you eventually have millions of people who’ve seen your product without spending millions of dollars on advertising. We can also provide a blog service so you can put new informative information in your customers’ hands on a regular basis.

Let your site be seen!

Having an intuitive, well thought-out site is great, but what does that mean if no one sees it? Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we can make sure that happens. SEO is the practice that ensures your website comes up higher in Google and Bing rankings. However, did you know that an integral part of SEO is providing fresh content? That’s right, Google and Bing both check to see how often your content on your site is being refreshed, and how often you’re adding new content. If your site has been stagnant for months or years, chances are your site is being passed over. We can make sure information is being added regularly by incorporating our easy-to-use Content Management System or our web maintenance service.



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