Get mobile with mobile integration


If you could improve the functionality of your site giving users a streamlined, fast experience, you’d jump at the opportunity.


That’s known as mobile integration, and it’s quickly becoming the norm for web design. At JSX Design, we can help your website use features that are specific to mobile users, enabling them to do business and interact with your website quicker and more easily.

Why do you want to focus on the mobile market? To say that mobile browsing has gained a lot of traction is putting it mildly. In the U.S. alone, more than 70 million mobile users access the internet from their phone. When you add tablets to that figure, it goes up dramatically. It’s also been stated that of all internet users in the U.S., one in four access the internet via a mobile device only.

That’s a lot of mobile users. A business that embraces mobile users is one that is viewed as innovative, adapting to changing times. Mobile integration has made the internet even easier to use, thanks to a number of key features that JSX Design can help you implement in your own site:

Single tap direct call: Phone users want to find your business easily. What’s more, users don’t want to search for the information they expect to be readily available. We can add this as an option, which prominently displays a button that gives users the option to contact you with a single button press. The more information you can put at your audience’s fingertips (literally), the better your conversion rate will be.

Smart layout and design: Mobile users only have a limited amount of space. That’s why it’s even more imperative that a website being viewed on a phone utilizes screen space efficiently. Large font size that highlights the most important facts (i.e. featured products, contact information and location) makes it easier for mobile users to get the information they’re looking for more easily. Good layout of images, means using fewer graphics in favor of content and information is another key design feature. A mobile website not only needs to get its message across in the first three seconds, but it needs to in a limited space as well. At JSX, we know the constraints we’re faced with, and we work to optimize your website design to make the most of it.

Optimization for mobile devices and functionality: Mobile users don’t have time. The mobile platform has allowed users to save time by making the exchange of information compatible with travel. Although users are able to consume information via the web, they want to do so as efficiently as possible. So, when designing a mobile site, we can take advantage of a lot of features that a phone or tablet can provide. Functionality that uses onboard GPS technology can help users find your brick-and-mortar business more easily. A streamlined interface gets a user to the section they want to be at much sooner. And of course, a fast load time, so users don’t feel like they’re left hanging is one of the most important features.

If you haven’t looked into mobile integration, now is definitely the time. We’re experts in this field at JSX Design, so contact us to see how we can help your site.


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